So, I had a faulty Acorn Electron. The problem was the ULA socket. In the earlier (I think) revisions the chip is socketed and the pins can break. Finding a replacement 68 pin CLCC socket wasn't that easy but I eventually found one.

You can see some more information on this problem here

I got the new socket...

De-soldered the old one (you can see the broken pins)

Soldered the new socket and put the chip in:

Closed it up, hoped for the best and switched it on:

If anyone else ever does this, just remember to make sure you put the socket in the right way (make note of which way the chip is facing).



I also made a couple of small modifications while I was at it. If you bridge LK4 you'll get colour output via composite (why this isn't enabled by default I don't know). Just stick a blob of solder on it.

And I turned the RF output into an audio socket. Just desolder the connection to the RF's RCA socket and solder a wire that goes from the +ve side of the speaker output to the RCA socket.

There's a hole in the side of the RF box that you can put the wire through:

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