Here are some of the games I've tried but never finished. Some I may not have put much effort into, others...a lot. I'll add more as I remember them. There are loads.

Games in RED I've given up on (unless someone can convince me). BLUE I will definitely try at least one more time. The rest? Not sure. All the games I have completed are here.

8 Eyes (NES)
ActRaiser 2 (SNES)
Addams Family (NES)
Adventures of Batman & Robin (SNES)
Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES)
Aero the Acro-Bat 1 (SNES)
Alien Storm (Mega Drive)
Alundra (PS1)
Another World (PC)
Artura (PC)
Batman: The Caped Crusader (PC)
Battle Squadron (Amiga)
Bio-Hazard Battle (Mega Drive)
Bio Metal (SNES)
Bioforge (PC)
Blade (PS1)
Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure (PC)
Command & Conquer (PC)
Cool Croc Twins (PC)
Crime Wave (PC)
CrossFire (Mega Drive)
Curse (Mega Drive)
Daffy Duck - The Marvin Missions (SNES)
Dalek Attack (PC)
Darwin 4081 (Mega Drive)
Donald Duck in Maui Mallard (Mega Drive)
Doofus (PC)
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Mega Drive)
Drac's Night Out (NES)
Ecco: Tides of Time (Mega CD)
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (Dreamcast)
Eliminate Down (Mega Drive)
Fighting Force (N64)
Final Fight (Mega CD)
Fire & Ice (PC)
Fire Shark (Mega Drive)
Fury of the Furries (Amiga)
G-Police (PC)
Gaiares (Mega Drive)
Gley Lancer (Mega Drive)
Grind Stormer (Mega Drive)
Gods (PC)
Gun.Smoke (NES)
High Seas Havoc (Mega Drive)
Horror Zombies from the Crypt (PC)
Inca (PC)
Jewel Master (Mega Drive)
Krusty's Fun House (PC)
Lemmings (PC)
Machine Hunter (PC)
Mighty Max (Mega Drive)
Moon Crystal (NES)
Motor Mash (PC)
Mr. Bones (Saturn)
Mystic Defender (Mega Drive)
Netherworld (PC)
New Zealand Story
Nightmare Creatures II (Dreamcast)
N.Y. Warriors (PC)
Power Drive (PC)
Power Strike (Master System)
Power Strike 2 (Master System)
Preshitorik Man (SNES)
Radical Rex (Mega CD)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica (GameCube)
Rick Dangerous 2 (Amiga)
RoboCop (NES)
RoboCop 3 (Mega Drive)
Robo Aleste (Mega CD)
Rogue (PC)
Satan (PC)
Screamer 2 (PC)
Shadow of the Comet (PC)
Shadow of the Ninja (NES)
Shenmue (Dreamcast) - couldn't stay awake.
Shufflepuck Cafe (PC)
Solar Crusade (PC)
Streets of Rage 3 (Mega Drive)
Super Bomberman 3 (SNES)
Super Mario Kart (SNES)
Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive)
Time Slip (SNES)
Tiny Toon Adventures (NES)
Titus the Fox (PC)
Total Carnage (PC)
Truxton (Mega Drive)
Twin Cobra (Mega Drive)
Verytex (Mega Drive)
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (PC)
Wings of Wor / Gynoug (Mega Drive)
Wolverine - Adamantium Rage (Mega Drive & SNES)
X-Men (Mega Drive)
X-Men 2 (Mega Drive)
Xenon 2
Zero Wing (Mega Drive)
Zool 2 (PC)

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