Controls are pretty much the most important thing about a game for me. If I can't control it in a satisfactory way, then it's game over before I've even started. Sometimes I can find a way around it, often involving re-wiring a controller. The result of which, is:

1) This is a Mega Drive lead wired to a plug & play controller, which I use on various computers (Amiga 1200, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, C64 etc.) Most games on these systems use Up to jump, which I hate. So I have a switch to swap the function of Up on the D-Pad and C, so that C can be used to jump if necessary.

2) This is my BBC Master controller. There aren't a lot of games (that I can find) that have joystick support, so I added a DB-15 control port on the computer itself which is wired to several keys on the keyboard.

3) Another former plug & play controller which is now a Mega Drive controller with buttons A&C swapped for games that think A should be jump. Which it shouldn't.

4) The same as #1 but just a different style of controller. The Genius Maxfire, which is a favourite of mine.

5) The only modification I've made on this one is to link B&C. I use this on my Amiga for games that I need turbo-fire or games where the fire button (B) is used to jump. Like The Addams Family.

6) This is my main Master System controller. I like the Saturn controller, so I got one of those cheap USB PC ones and modified it. The two switches swap the functions of B&C. The extra cable with the 2 pins is for a jumper header I added to the console which connects to the pause button. This is wired to START on the controller so I don't have to get up. I sometimes use this with other systems as it's compatible with quite a few things.

7) This is a CD-i controller, which is made from another one of those plug & play Mega Drive controllers. I re-made the entire controller board circuit & cable.

8) Button-swapped NES controller.

9) Original CD-i controller with a few changes.

10) A "2D" N64 controller made from a Saturn-USB PC controller. For the small amount of fighting & 2D games on the system.

11) PC controller with Up/C button switch for games where up=jump.

12) Older style controller similar to #11 but without the switch. Up&C are just wired the same.

13) B&C button swapped Mega Drive controller.

14) The SNES controller is one of the favourites among everyone else, but I'm not a fan. It's way too small and makes my hands ache. So - Saturn controller to the rescue again. The switches swap the button functions of the two most commonly used buttons for jump/fire. I forget which these actually are.

15) Likewise for the NES controller.

16) This was the first Mega Drive controller I made from a plug & play system controller. I later changed the button config to.....something.

17) This is my "Jazz" PC controller. Named after Jazz Jackrabbit which was the first game I had to swap buttons for in this way. This way being A&C linked.

18) This is my "Bio Menace" controller for...whatever stupid config it has. I used this with Crystal Caves too. It's an Apogee games thing.

19) Genius Maxfire -> PS1 controller.

20) GameCube GameBoy player controller. Made this specifically for playing GB/GBC/GBA games on my GameCube as the original controller is terrible for that. Again, switches to swap the button functions on B&C.

21) Amstrad PC controller. I added a second output to this Mega Drive controller to use on my Amstrad PC1640 which has a different pinout.