Most of the dates for the older computers (before all the ones in bold) are just the most accurate guesses I can make given what I remember.

1986-1988: Amstrad PC1512

1988-1992: 286 12mhz - The monitor is an NEC MultiSync 2A, which I still have.

1992-1996: 386 SX-25* - Originally had 4MB RAM, 1MB Trident VGA. Later upgraded to 8MB RAM, a Sound Blaster 2.0 clone and a single speed CD drive added.

1996-2001: Pentium 166MMX - Had a 2 or 4MB S3 Virge, 32MB RAM, AWE32 CT3990, 10x CD Drive and a very nice 17" CTX CRT monitor.

2001-2003: AMD Duron 700mhz - First of my own builds. Had a 64mb GeForce 2 MX, 256MB RAM (I think) and a 30GB Western Digital HD.

2003-2005?: AMD Athlon 2100 1.73ghz* (Possibly this)

2005?-200?: AMD Athlon 3200 (Barton 2.2ghz)* - My ultimate (at the time) Unreal Tournament system. I kept the CPU and later rebuilt a similar system for the sole purpose of playing UT.

200?-200?: AMD Athlon 64 3000 (I might have built this as an additional system rather than an upgrade)

2007?-2009?: Dual Core 939 (Possibly this - I remember the GeForce 6600GT)

2009?-2011?: Another Dual Core system - this had an ATI 4850

2011?-2015: AMD Phenom II X4 955 - this had an ATI 6870

18/01/14: 486 SX-25 - later upgraded to a DX2-66. 16MB RAM, Cirrus Logic GD5429 1MB VLB, SB16 CT2830.

10/05/14: AMD Athlon 3200 (Barton 2.2ghz)* - Windows 2000. I play UT on this. Has an ATI Radeon X1650.

15/08/14: 386 SX-25* - after being put away for 14/15 years and having the battery leak all over the motherboard - this is now fixed and back in use (more so than most of my other computers).

04/09/14: Dell Dimension XPS D233 - Pentium II 233MMX, Intel AL440LX (with onboard YMF721-S), Intel i740 8MB.

27/10/14: Amstrad PC1640 - I paid £10 for it. I use it with a Commodore 1084 monitor, which I paid £3 for.

2015: AMD FX-6300 (main) - Gigabyte 970A-DS3P with an R9 270X. The most modern gaming I can do is on this. I run Linux, Windows 7 and Windows XP on it.

08/02/16: AMD Athlon 2100 1.73ghz* - Windows 98SE, Radeon 9550.

01/02/17: Another 486 DX2-66 - 2MB S3 86C805-P VLB graphics card, 16MB RAM, Yamaha Audician 32.

18/04/17: Dell PowerEdge 840

07/05/17: IBM 350 - DOS 6.22/Windows 3.1. Pentium II 200, 2MB ATI Rage, Aztech Sound Galaxy MultiMedia Pro 16 IIB - 3D ( has an OPL3 chip).

29/08/17: AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 - The fastest single core system I have. I built this hoping Fallout 3 would run properly on it. It didn't.

08/05/19: Amstrad PC1512 - This was more expensive than the 1640. I paid £10.50 for it.

04/01/19: Pentium III 700mhz - Windows 95 OSR2, Voodoo 3 3000 AGP 16mb. (Now changed to a Matrox G200 & Voodoo 1)

* = same one
Bold = current